WhatsApp Integration

Rampwin Channels let you connect with WhatsApp Business API and exchange messages with customers on WhatsApp. The integration is simple and quick but requires WhatsApp approval.

WhatsApp is among the most popular messaging platforms/applications, with over 2 billion active users. It also offers a business application version that allows businesses to answer customer queries. And with the help of WhatsApp Business API, you can integrate that into Rampwin and send, receive, and track WhatsApp messages effortlessly while managing other chat platforms simultaneously.

However, before integrating the WhatsApp Business API to Rampwin, there are a few things you need to do:

  • First, Create a WhatsApp Business API using the partners supported at Rampwin.

  • Once created the API, generate the User Token for the specific WhatsApp Channel you've created the API with.

For instance, if you've created the WhatsApp Business API with 360Dialog, then use the 360Dialog Channel to integrate WhatsApp Business API to Rampwin. It will enable you to have personalized interactions with different customers through automated replies and more.

Supported WhatsApp Providers

At RUM Work, you can utilize 4 channels at the moment to integrate WhatsApp Business API.

ProviderTypeMonthly FeeMessaging PricingMessaging LimitSign Up Link




Managed by Facebook

1K in 24HR Window





1K in 24HR Window

Reach out to us at hello@rumwork.io

Cloud API



Managed by Facebook

1k in 24HR Winddow






Max Fixed 6000 Messages/Day. Incoming Unlimited

WhatsApp Messaging Window

WhatsApp Business Platform has a Customer Service Window (24-hour) in which businesses can send both simple messages and pre-approved templates. Outside the customer service window, the business would require a message template.

The WhatsApp Business Platform works around two different categories of conversation:

  1. User-initiated - When the user or customer sends the message to the business. The business can respond to the message with a simple message or message template within 24 hours. Once the window has expired, the business can only respond with a message template which will be counted as a Business-initiated conversation.

  2. Business-initiated - When the business reaches out to the customer outside the 24-hour customer service window, its falls under the Business-initiated conversation. For a business-initiated conversation, a message template is required.

Official and Unofficial WhatsApp Business API

Official WhatsApp Business API is a valid and approved API from WhatsApp itself. And using the WhatsApp partners, you can avail of an official WABA account without following multiple steps. The official partners supported at Rampwin are,

  • Emma.

  • and 360dialog.

Cloud API is the official API platform from WhatsApp that involves multiple steps to register your number and access WhatsApp Business API. However, you can save time using the partners and get your WABA account quickly.

Unofficial WhatsApp Business API is not a partner provider of WhatsApp Business API. They use their own platform and APIs to help you connect your WhatsApp account.

The unofficial WhatsApp Business API provider supported at RUM Work is,

  • Maytapi.

Official WhatsApp Business API Prerequisites

Before you connect Rampwin Channel to Official WhatsApp Business API using our partners, ensure,

  • You have a valid mobile number.

  • An existing Meta Business Account (optional as you can create a new while during the process.)

  • The mobile number is not already used for WhatsApp(Personal and Business).

  • If you want to use the same WhatsApp Number you've previously used for Business, follow this guide to learn how to delete the WhatsApp account.

Once you meet the above requirements, you can create and connect the Rampwin Channel.

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