Rampwin | Chat Commerce

Chat More Options

More options of the chat module lets you perform advanced actions to the chat. For instance, you can change Conversation Status; Message Read Status; assign Bot and more.
You can access more options in the top right corner of the module.

Conversation Status

Only for Facebook and WhatsApp Official API Channels.
Through Conversation Status, you can set the chat to Open, Resolved, Closed, and Waiting For Customer or Agent Response.
To access the options, click on the Conversation Status Icon button.
Then, in the Conversation Status Popup, first, select Status, then add a comment, and click Save to apply changes.

Enable/Disable Bot

Only for WhatsApp Official API Channels
Click on the
Bot Icon button to enable the bot.
Then click the Confirm button.
Similarly, you can disable the bot by clicking the
Bot Icon button again.

Read Status

Go to the
Menu option, then select either,
  • Mark as Unread.
  • Or Mark as Read.

Assign to Agent

To assign the chat to yourself, click the
Menu option, then select Assign to Me.
And you'd see your name next to the status. If you want to assign it to a team member, click on the name and then select a team member.
Or, click on the Menu option, and select Assign Contact.
Then, select a Team Member and click Assign.

Pin Contact

To make the contact a Starred Contact, go to the
Menu option, and click Pin Contact.
Likewise, you can unpin the contact.

Add to Drip Campaign

Click the
Menu Option button in the top right corner.
Then select Add to Drip Campaign from the available options.
A modal will appear, in that select the campaign to which you want to assign that particular contact.
Once selected, click Add.

Sync Messages

Only for Maytapi Unofficial WhatsApp API.
To synchronise messages of your WhatsApp to Maytapi Unofficial WhatsApp API, go to the
Menu option, and click Sync Messages.
Then, click Yes to confirm.

Create Follow Up

Using Chat, you can create follow-ups for the particular contact. To do that, go to the
Menu option, then click Create Follow Up.
A New Event modal will open, here, set event Title, Occurrence (All Day or not), Start and End Date and Time, Description, and Team Member.
Once defined all the values, click Add. You can view the created follow-up in the Follow Up module.

Reply to/Forward a Message

Only for Maytapi WhatsApp Unofficial API
You can also forward and reply to a message while conversing with your contact in Rampwin Chat.
Go to the message and click on the ˅ Option Icon button.
Then, either select: Reply or Foward.
When you select Forward, select the contacts, then hit the
Send Icon button