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Send Message

Using the Chat Area of Chat module, you can communicate with your customers. Send simple and interactive messages such as Quick Reply, Audio Message, Template Message and more. Using this guide, you'l
To send a message, simply type your text in the message area and then click the send button
to send it.
To utilize other options, check out the following sections.

Audio Message

To send an audio message using Rampwin Chat, click the plus button icon
, then from the menu that pops up, choose Record Voice.
Then click on the microphone button
to record your voice. Once the voice is recorded, click the
stop button, and click Upload.
Once it's uploaded, click the send button

Quick Reply

To send a quick replay, which you've created using the Quick Reply tab in Settings, click the plus button icon
, then select Quick Reply.
A popup will appear with all the quick replies. Select the one you want to send, and then click the send button
Or, you can type / to view quick replies, then select a one and click the send button to deliver it. With this, you won't be able to send file attached to the quick reply.

Send Template Message

If you've created template message and want to send it, you can use the Chat Area of the Chat module.
Sending a template message is only accessible to supported Channels. Learn more about message templates at WhatsApp Message Templates.
To send a template message, click the plus button icon
, then select Send Template Message.
Then, from the Select Template popup, select the template you want to send. And once selected, click Send.
To process orders, you can send a payment link to your customers using chat, and to do that, click the plus button icon
, then select Send Payment Link.
Then, in the Generate Payment Link popup, select the items and then click Generate Payment Link.

Send Buttons/Options/Product Messages

If you've created interactive messages before using the supported channels, you can send them using the Chat area of the Chat module.
Buttons/Options/Product Messages can only be sent using the 360dialog, Emma and Cloud API channels.
To send Buttons/Options/Product Messages, click the plus button icon
, then select Send Buttons/Options/Product Messages.
Then from the Send Interactive Message popup, select your message and click Send.

Attach File

Using Rampwin Chat, you can also send files to your customers. Click the attachment button icon
, click Select a file from your device, if you want to upload a new file.
If you've already uploaded the file, click on the File Manager tab, then select the file and click Upload.
Once the file is added to the chat, click the send button

Emoji Use

Through Rampwin Chat, you can also use Emoticons in your messages. Simply click the emoji button icon
, then select your emoji and send it.

Send Message With Enter Key

For ease of use, you can set Rampwin Chat to send messages by tapping the Enter key in the keyword.
To do that, tick the Press enter to send checkbox. Likewise, you can limit the chat to not send messages when you press the enter key by unchecking the same checkbox.