Rampwin | Chat Commerce


Using the General Information option of the My Account settings, you can manage the following details,
  • Business Name
  • Billing Address
  • Default Country Code
  • Default Timezone
  • API Key
General Information
To add the information or make changes to it, click the Edit icon.
Edit General Information
Then, you get the fields to add the information or make changes. Simply input the Business Name first, then the Billing Address. Choose Default Country Code and Time Zone. Once you're done editing or adding the info, click Update to save changes.
If you're required to access the API Key of your Rampwin business account, you can obtain that by clicking the Copy button.
And if, in any scenario, you need to change the API, then you can do that by clicking the Regenerate Key button.

Reset Data

If you're required to delete all of your data from Rampwin, for example, contacts, chat, campaigns and more, then you can do that by clicking the Clean icon.
It will open the Clear All Data confirmation popup.
To finalise cleaning, click Confirm. And all of your data will be removed safely.