Catalog Settings

Access Product Catalog on Facebook to process orders from WhatsApp Channels.


Using the Catalog Settings of a WhatsApp Channel, you can provide users or customers with product list available on the Facebook Store and enable them to purchase the products directly from WhatsApp chat.

In order to do so, you have to access the Catalog List, and the first step to do that is by authorising the Channel from Facebook. So, for that, click the AUTHORIZE FACEBOOK button.

A new mini tab will open; there, you've to log in to your Facebook Account.

Then, click Continue for the permission the RUM Work platform requires.

Select Business

As soon as you allow the permission, you'd see a new option in the Catalog Settings to Select a Business.

Here, select the Meta Business Account you've used to create the Channel and link it with RUM Work. Once you select the business, a few more options appear:

  • Connect Catalog

  • Create New Catalog

  • And the Select Catalog

Connect Catalog

To access the Catalog on Facebook Store, it's necessary you connect it with the WhatsApp Channel. Therefore, click on the Connect Catalog button.

This will lead you to the Facebook Catalog Linking page. To connect the channel and access Catalog, click Choose a Catalogue.

Then, select a Catalog from the available list, and click Connect Catalogue.

Once you'll do that, you'd find the connected catalogue as the following.

Select a Catalog

After connecting the catalog, what next you need to do is select the catalog in the Catalog Settings of RUM Work. You can also create a new catalog by clicking Create New Catalog button. And once you've created the catalog, you need to follow the previous step to connect it with the RUM Work Channel.

Then, you have to select it. And to do that, go Select Catalog → and select the catalog you've connected.

And after selecting the catalog, click Save Settings.

Once you save the settings, you can view your products in the Products tab.

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