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For your Facebook Channel, you can view the page’s post comments connected to Rampwin. Furthermore, you can reply in a private message both manually and automatically.

To access this option, click Page Post Comments. This will take you to the Comments settings, where you’ll see all the comments on the post. Plus, you can,

  • View Post

  • Visit Comment

  • Search Comments

  • View Newer or Older Comments

  • Send Private Message

  • And Access Automation tab for Facebook Comments.

To send a private message manually, click on Send Private Message. This will open the Private Replies modal with the option to send,

  • Text (With optional QUICK REPLIES)

And another send option is,

  • Text with Buttons

In the Button option, you get options to select button types as,

  • Postback

  • And URL.

Enter your details, and once done, click Save.


To send an auto-reply to the post comment, switch to the Automation tab and click Setup Post Auto Private Reply.

The Private Replies modal will open, there you get the option to track posts comments: Comments Tracking,

  • Track Comments under a (SPECIFIC) Post

Select the post you want to track comments for. The other tracking option you get is,

  • Track Comments under (ANY) Post

Once selected the post comments tracking option, you get auto reply types as,

  • Text (With optional QUICK REPLIES)


  • Text with Buttons

Enter your details, and once done, click Save. The created auto-private reply will appear in the library like the following,

You can set the reply to Inactive, Active and Delete.

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