Rampwin | Chat Commerce

Message History

View all messages exchanged from a single place.
The Message History module lets you view all messages exchanged with complete details, whether customer name, number, direction, sent status, read status, and more.
Go to the left sidebar, and click Message History. It will open the following window with all the messages exchanged.
Click on the
Chat Icon button to open chat and view other messages or send a message to the user directly from Message History. Click on the
View Icon button to see more details about a message.
To locate a particular message quickly, you can use the Filter option.
  • Columns
  • Operator
  • Value
First, you need to select the column on the basis you want to filter the history. There are 11 options from which you can select the column.
After selecting the column, select the Operator that will verify the Value in the column. There are 6 operator types from which you can select one.
  • IS - The Column and Value should exactly match to apply the filter.
  • STARTSWITH - The value in the Column should start with the value in the Value field to run the filter.
  • CONTAINS - If the value in the Column includes the value in the Value field, the filter will run.
  • IN - The Campaign Name, Read and Send Status should be in the Value.
  • MATCHES - The Channel Name should match the Value.
  • BETWEEN - The message should be Created Between the Date Range set in the Value.
Once selected the operator, enter the value or select the option available in the Value field. The value field, based on the selected Column, provides you with different options that are,
  • I/O for the Direction column, indicating Incoming and Outgoing messages.
  • FAILED, SENT, NOT_ON_WHATSAPP, PENDING options for the Send Status column.
  • TRIGGERED, DELIVERED, VIEWED options for the Read Status column.
  • Channel names for the Channel Name column.
  • Date Range (Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Month, and Custom) for Created At column.
After adding the values in the fields, click Submit.
If you want to add another filter, click the Plus button
To remove a filter, you can simply click the ✖ Remove button associated with the filter. And to delete all the filter rules, you can simply click the
Trash button.
To download the message history, click the Download button.