Follow Ups

Find out more about user's decision for something based on the previous conversation.

Using the Follow Ups module, you can remind yourself or one of your teammates about the last conversation you had with the client/customer/user, and based on that, go for a follow-up.

From your Dashboard, go to the left sidebar, and select Follow Ups.

As you access the Follow Ups, you'd see a calendar where all the follows will be listed. From the calendar view, you get the option to change months, calendar view; and create a follow up.

To change months, click the slider arrows next to the month's name.

To change the calendar view, use the options in the top right corner.

This will open the New Follow Up modal, where add the details as required, and once done, click Add.

You'll find the created follow up in the calendar like the above.

You can also create a follow up using the Chat module.

Edit or Delete a Follow Up

If you want to make changes to a follow up, simply click it in the calendar, then apply changes and click Save.

The delete option is also found next to the Save button. To remove a follow up, tap the Trash Icon button and then Confirm.

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