Getting Started

Welcome to Rampwin Whatsapp Support System. Rampwin brings the power of whatsapp to your business.

Core Features

  • Multiple team members can chat to customers via single whatsapp number.

  • Enable multiple department and provide excellent customer support on whatsapp.

How it works

  • We take control of your Whatsapp web and then use our CRM to interchange messages.

  • Chats are distributed to your team (unlimited members) and one agent is able to chat to customer just like they do on whatsapp.

  • Whole team is then able to server multiple customers at one time from different different places/computers.


Rampwin is not endorsed or supported by whatsapp in any manner. Rampwin Whatsap CRM works on both official and unofficial API's.

If you spam your customers using our system , your whatsapp account can be blocked by Whatsapp and Rampwin don't take any responsibility of that.