Start by a Trial Account

Signing up for a account.

Create a trial account at . No credit card needed.

Adding a Whatsapp Number

After signup, you would need to connect a Whatsapp number to Rampwin. This whatsapp number can be a Personal or Business Whatsapp number.

  • Give any meaningful name to this whatsapp like "Support". It will not be shown to users.

  • Prepend country code to the number (e.g. 91 for India, 55 for Brazil). So the number shall look like 91XXXXXXXXXX

  • This number will be used while connecting whatsapp to Ramwin. So please double cross check this number.

Rampwin works with your existing number too. Even after connecting to Rampwin, you keep using your phone with whatsapp.

You just need to keep battery charges and phone connected to internet.

You can change this number anytime later. So can get started with personal number if business number is not handy.

Selecting Your Rampwin Plan

Select your plan from the list. You may change it later anytime.

We have "Gold Plan" as our best plan with all the features. But if it is not visible in the list, you can try with Silver Plan and send us a mail to to activate Gold Plan.

About Silver Plan

  • This plan is just for getting started to Rampwin due to certain limitations.

  • You would need to keep open Whatsapp Web ( all the time at one of your computer.

  • We would ask you to install one chrome extension and then you shall use Rampwin CRM to send/receive messages but keep whatsapp web open at one machine.

  • All the outgoing media (image, video etc) will go as plain text link.

  • Whatsapp Groups are not supported.

  • There is no limitation with incoming message type (All image/video/document/location etc) are supported.

Silver Plan is based on Waboxapp Whatsapp API. If you are already using Waboxapp API (Or used anytime earlier), our waboxapp key won't work for you.

In such cases, kindly contact to enable Gold Plan immediately.

About Gold Plan

  • We recommend using this Plan for your support system.

  • We ask you to scan a whatsapp QR code on our platform and then we take control of your whatsapp.

  • All the message type are supported in both incoming and outgoing messages.

  • Whatsapp Group are supported.

  • You must not open whatsapp web at your end. And keep the phone connected to Internet always.

Follow the steps mentioned there after adding number. Please make sure the whatsapp number are same for connecting.

Our system is integratable with any kind of whatsapp API Provider. If you are already using any other API provider and looking for a Multi Agent CRM, we can enable that.

We support Official Whatsapp API vendors too. Currently have integration with and If you have official API and is looking for CRM, kindly mail us at for detailed demo.

Checking Connection Status

After you have performed mentioned steps to connect whatsapp to Rampwin, you need to make sure that connection Status is "Connected"

Kindly visit to see connection status.

If connection status doesn't turn to "Connected", Please make sure that you entered correct number.