CRM Overview

Here you will configure multiple agents that are going to chat with customers.

Please make sure that connection status is "Connected" (Check Previous Sections for more info) all the time.

Understanding CRM Home Screen

  • The left top bar contains all the action items you can do with this chat panel.

  • Livechat on/off switch is helpful to temporarily be off to livechat

  • "Manage Admin and chats" section can be used to Manage Livechats and all the admin things. (Only visible to Livechat-manage and admin role)

Understanding Single Chat Screen

  • You can edit basic details of customer by clicking on "Visitor Info" icon --> Edit Button.

  • You can Close a chat from Close button. More details at Handling Chats

  • Forward a chat between agents and departments. The entire chat is shifted from one agent to another.