Handling Chats

Admin and Livechat-Manager can manage chats and see the limited reports.

Managing Current Chats

  • Click on the Livechat option of popover.

  • Click on Current Chats from the screen.

Single Chat Operations

Editing User Info

You can edit your customer info like Name, Email, Phone Number. Add tags, topic etc.

Closing a Chat

A chat can be closed like a ticket. Further this ticket can not be reopened.

You can see closed tickets under https://chat.rampwin.com/<yourcompany>/livechat-manager/current

The comment will be sent to customer.

If you don't want to send comment, Just prepend the comment with "@close" (e.g. @close item sold)

Forwarding a Chat

A chat can be forwarded from one agent to another or to a department.

This feature is very useful where a expert can serve the queries from a customer.

Adding more Agent to chat without forwarding

In some cases, you want to add multiple people to a single chat, it can be done.

To add all users to a chat, "/invite-all-from #general"