Managing Your Whatsapp Number

You will learn how to configure more options of a whatsapp number which you added earlier.

Editing Whatsapp Number

  • Click on "Manage" on deep right side of any number.

  • Edit the Info like Whatsapp Number, Name etc. You can even change the plan.

  • You can choose to assign all chats to a specific department.

  • Enable a sample chatbot or paste a dialogflow key to enable a chatbot. More info in DialogFlow Integration Section

if you change the whatsapp number, Please don't forget to re-connect from the correct whatsapp number under "Whatsapp Configuration" Tab.

For Gold Plan, Kindly disconnect from old Number and Rescan the QR Code.

DialogFlow Integration

We use Dialogflow to integrate chatbot to Rampwin Number. If you already have the service account key, use that.

We have years of experience in making chatbots. If you are looking for whatsapp chatbot, we can make one for you.

Whatsapp Chatbot is fully controllable by agent because it operates in Hybrid Model.